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Business Consultancy - On your Team, not on your Payroll

At Stone Tiger our first priority is helping businesses get the best deal for face to face and telephone order card transactions, and e-commerce. We also provide business development and GDPR consultancy, with many years of experience to draw on, for when you need expert, project specific support from outside your business.

Commercial Property Owners:

Many of our customers are business owners who also own their own business, or commercial, property ~ and yet very many commercial property owners have not been informed they could be entitled to a Capital Tax Allowance worth up to 40% of the purchase price of their property, Working with the property specialists at STax we help commercial property owners to potentially claim these significant tax refunds.

If owners are aware of the fact this allowance exists, there may be an expectation that an accountant will have claimed for it in the past – but, surprisingly, this is so often not the case.  Identifying and valuing a potential claim properly requires both a RICS chartered surveyor to do the survey and a commercial property tax specialist to write the report ~ only then can the owners own accountant (who knows their business) submit this report to HMRC and claim a refund.  If you think you may qualify just give as a call – we can find out for you at no charge.

Start-up Business:

There is so much to know, and to learn about starting up a new business – articles and books are written about it routinely.  But a book cannot get you through the first year, or take the actions and write the plan to achieve first and then maybe second round funding – or get you to an exit point.  That takes experience.  Many people do succeed even without experience – and very many more don’t – both outcomes lead to valuable, practical, experience.

If you are planning to start up a business, or maybe you’re already under way and still figuring out what comes next – I can quite probably help you. Typical start ups are not cash rich – but I am willing to invest the time for a phone call to talk about where you are currently – if that leads to us working together great.  If not now, maybe in the future.  In my experience - the more you help people, the more you get back. So why not give me a call?

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