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Most businesses these days will need the ability to take payment for goods of services by card, simply because most people and businesses now want to have that option available.  This makes it a necessary business expense – one that you need to get at the best price and want to have great customer service from.

This is where it gets good: Stone Tiger is providing merchant card services to the SME and micro business sectors with very competitive monthly charges and very competitive transaction rates. We also provide great customer service anywhere in the UK and if your business is in the Hampshire Surrey area it’s even better!

Our approach:

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Every business is unique in its own way and our job is first to determine what sort of terminal is right for you.  All our terminals are contactless – but do you need one that is hard wired, or Wi-Fi, maybe GPRS?  More and more business is done online by e-commerce or with a virtual terminal and still for some businesses taking payment by card is not a requirement.  If you only issue two or three invoices a month then payment by bank transfer is probably fine, but if for instance you are out and about with multiple transactions in the day and don’t want to spend time sending out invoices and following up to get paid, then probably a GPRS terminal would be ideal – so first we will look at what’s right for your individual business.

Next is to look at the best rates for you.  In the past businesses may have pretty much taken what rates they were first quoted, and which will then have been going up over time.  We will analyse your current statement and find the best terminal and rates for how your business works, so you know you are getting the best possible deal all round.

What next?

If you already have a merchant card terminal (PDQ machine) then contact us now to see about getting one of the latest contactless machines – new lamps for old – and we will review your current charges to see if we can save you money.  As a general rule we will probably save up to 30% compared to your current charges – either that or we are not able to save you money - in which case congratulations you already have a great deal, but it’s always good to check!

If you are thinking about taking payments by card then let’s have a chat by phone and, if it makes sense for your business, we’ll get you set you up with the best rates available.  Or, we may recommend you get back in touch when the time is right -; business never stands still.

What about e-commerce? There are so many options here – and some merchants have to deal with two providers, one for e-commerce and one for their card reader – we can bring them both together and make life simpler – plus giving you access to the data rich Revolution platform.  If you are planning to take payments online for the first time we can help you get set up – we don’t do the web work, we liaise with people who do and help to get you the best deal possible.

To summarise – if you are taking payment by card, or thinking about it – get in touch and we will do our very best to make sure you are getting the best deal with the best customer service.